How a Commercial Painter Does It

Colors for Your Restaurant  

Imagine customers entering your restaurant, what do you think is the first thing they spot? It’s the color scheme of the whole dining area. The interior paint of an establishment has a strong impact on customers. For restaurants, neutral colors are likely to leave a dull impression. But with a reliable painter and the right colors, you can imprint appetite to customers, making them happier to dine and unwind in your restaurant. So, which colors are best for your place?

Warm Colors

Warm colors are exciting and bright. It brings more visual stimulation for consumers. This type of color scheme makes customers feel welcomed. However, some painters also say that warm colors depict a sensation of rush. Regardless, both explanations are ideal for customer turnover, which is the aim of fast-food restaurants. Warm colors include red, yellow, and orange.

Earthy Colors

You may have noticed that establishments that provide organic and healthy food apply this type of color scheme. Olive green, beige, and brown are colors that represent the Earth and relaxation. These colors indicate a minimal perspective that encourages customers to stay for a while and talk with friends.

Pastel Colors

We see pastel colors in restaurants or establishments that offer a variety of sweet drinks and desserts. Pastel colors include light yellow, sky blue, and pink. These are soft and light colors that initiate a welcomed and relaxed feel. Pastel colors complement furniture and other decors, making the establishment look bigger than it really is.

Dark Colors

Maroon, Purple, and blue are dark colors that represent an intimate and romantic setting. These colors are often used for fine dining as it emulates a serious environment. However, owners should be wary. Using too many dark colors and minimal lighting can make an area look smaller. Talk with a professional painter first to ensure your establishment’s color matches your needs.

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