Questions & Answers

Here you can find the most commonly asked questions about our painter in Palmdale, CA. If a question is not answered here, we encourage you to contact All Valley Painting & General Construction via email or by calling us. We will be happy to personally answer your questions and give you a quote.

Q: How do I know when it is time to repaint my exterior?

A: When your paint starts to fade it is the best time to consider repainting. A typical exterior paint job lasts between 5 and 10 years with many external contributing factors, varying the painting time frame. Depending on where you live, the humidity levels, climate, and weather conditions also affect the duration of the paint job. More advanced signs of needing to repaint the exterior of your home are small cracks, peeling, flaking paint, and more.

Q: What happens if the paint on my is peeling and cracking?

A: This means that it is time to call your local painter and let him paint the surfaces. The longer you leave the paint to peel and crack the more chances the unpainted wood may deteriorate and need replacement. Most damage is hidden behind the loose paint and continues to worsen with the length of time it is left untreated.

Q: Should I do the preparation work myself or let your painter do the job for me?

A: It is recommended that you leave professionals to take care of everything. Unless you have experience in the field, it is best left to the contractor you have hired. The preparation work does change your bid somewhat, but the cost you save yourself from having to repair or replace a second time is well worth it.

Q: Can I get an estimate over the phone if I have my room size?

A: It is best to have the project evaluated in person, to be fair to both you and your painter. There are many factors to take into consideration when quoting a paint job, also a lot of questions may arise during the consultation. Viewing the site will make sure no details are overlooked, thus resulting in a fair price and an accurate quote.

Q: My exterior was recently painted but still looks dull. What should I do about it?

A: Repainting is only needed if the paint is fading, cracking or peeling. You can also repaint if you do not like the color. Other than that, pressure washing the house will give it a fresh clean look, by removing dirt and insects from the surfaces. If the paint still looks faded after the washing, then you should consider repainting.

Q: Should I buy the materials before the project begins?

A: We suggest that you wait until you meet with your painter first. He will be able to help you find the materials you need cheaper and with specials.

Q: Can I have my interior touched up instead of repainting all walls?

A: Our painter recommends that after walls have been painted for 6-months or so, just to refresh any marks that have appeared.

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